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A Comprehensive Review of Australia’s Hyundai A-League Soccer News 

A Comprehensive Review of Australia’s Hyundai A-League Soccer

It may not be a very known fact but the A league was formed in the year 2005 as a result of the prevention of racial issues. The federal government was ordered to pay the price for forming a new league which was free from racial comments and favoritism. Right from the beginning the A league had a very clear goal. To promote the sport of soccer and take it to heights never seen before. Hence, two marketing strategies were developed. Firstly, the game was portrayed as the “world’s game”. And secondly, soccer is to become the country’s national sport. Hence, efforts were taken and the strategy seemed to be effective. The A-League with the sponsorship of Hyundai Motor Company is known as Hyundai A-League (HAL). Hyundai renewed its four year contract in 2012 and is the official sponsor for the A-League till 2016. It comprises of team teams- currently one from New Zealand and the rest nine teams from Australia. Grand Final as well as regular season tournaments are held where the winners are awarded the title “champions” and “premier” respectively. The winners from the A League are then eligible to compete at the continental level-Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL). Team Brisbane Roar defended both the titles “champions” and “premier” in the year 2013-14.

Before the formation of the A-League, the only four teams that existed were Adelaide United, Queensland Lions, Newcastle Jets, and Perth Glory. The current clubs are Adelaide United, located at Adelaide, SA, Brisbane Roar at Brisbane, QLD, Central Coast Mariners at Gosford, NSW . The other teams are Melbourne City, Melbourne Victory both located at Melbourne, VIC, Newcastle Jets located at Newcastle, NSW. The remaining four teams are Perth Glory, Sydney FC,Wellington Phoenix and Western Sydney Wanderers. The soccer team of Australia i.e. The A league is run by the FFA(Football Federation Australia). The FFA was instrumental in making constant strides to expand the team.

The greatest hero in the A-League is Matt Thompson. He first played for Newcastle Jets, switching to Melbourne Heart and currently playing for Sydney F.C, he hold the record for making the most appearances at the A-league. Archie Thompson has scored 78 goals making him the sportsman who scored the most number of goals in the A-league. Shane Smeltz scored the highest number of hat-tricks at and to top it all, has scored hat-tricks consecutively.

As far as salary is concerned, the soccer players are awarded well. Australian $48,000 was the salary bracket in the 2012-13 season while in the 2013-14 season, it increased to Australian $50,000 . The old logo of A-League has a grey ring encompassing a yellow ring. It is supposedly said to resemble a laurel wreath. The outer orbit is said to reflect the sun, earth and desert while the yellow ring defines the time span between spring and summer.

The A-league has some healthy competition within the ten teams. Melbourne Victory v Sydney FC, Adelaide United v Melbourne Victory and Newcastle Jets v Central Coast Mariners are some of the teams which have a dark past. Matthew Leckie seems to currently be the future star of Australian soccer. Australia coach Ange Postecoglou is giving the national team the much needed boost. Maybe, in-spite of the losses, Australian soccer can still see the light of day. The hopes are high.All that we can hope is that history doesn’t repeat itself.

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