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Women Footballers May Soon Get Better Pay News 

Women Footballers May Soon Get Better Pay

Can women footballers around the world close the gap in the differing pay scale awarded them, compared to their male counterparts?

It’s certainly moving in the right direction.

In England, women footballers have only been semi-professional since 2011 and endorsement income is still in its infancy. The pay difference between both sexes in astronomical.

Steph Houghton, who plays for and captains Manchester City and the England women’s national football team earns $141778 (£65k) while the male top Premier League players are earning upwards of  $28351702 (£13 million)

Whilst in America women seem to get the best deal. Alex Morgan a forward for Portland Thorns FC, of the National Women’s Soccer League and for the United States Women’s National soccer team, is earning $4143900 (£1.9 million), mainly through sponsors and endorsements.

And now in Australia, David Gallop says the FFA and PFA are close to resolving football’s pay dispute for it’s own women footballers.

Chief executives from both organisations are keen to improve pay and conditions for Australia’s disgruntled women’s team. But the money has to come from somewhere as there is no extra money to put on the table.

“If (the union) wish to move some money from the male professional players pot to the Matildas then we’re certainly open to that,” Gallop told reporters in Sydney.

“What we’re not open to is additional money because the game simply doesn’t have it.

“It’s an affordability issue, it’s dollars and cents pure and simple.

“We want the Matildas to earn more money but that can only happen with the players’ association looking at the division across all three of the buckets.”

It all rides on the country’s top male players to give up a portion of their incomes, which they are not going to do so willingly.


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